About Consuming Cancer

When Megan Venner’s sixth close relative was diagnosed with cancer, something changed.  The heavy feeling of helplessness that had weighed down her whole family through each diagnosis and the slow loss of her father seemed too much.  It was then that she decided to be helpless no more.  Countless hours with doctors and naturopaths had shown her there were things that could be done to prevent or at least slow the growth of cancerous cells so she decided on a path that would change her family’s life… she gave up cancer for Lent.

Her forty day journey explored diet, lifestyle and attitude changes that could lead to a healthier, cancer-free family.  She blogged about the experience at www.misadventuresmom.com.  Since her Lenten commitment Megan has continued to seek out and eliminate cancer-causing toxins from her family’s life.  Her journey with cancer itself has not ended either.  Megan was with her mother through more cancer treatments, both medical and naturopathic. Watching cancer, once again, erode and ultimately take the lifeforce of another loved one further strengthened her resolve to find ways to keep cancer from coming for her children and anyone else willing to share in her knowledge.

Consuming Cancer is the result of Megan’s refusal to give into the helplessness that comes with a cancer diagnosis.  It is an effort to share and further her understanding of the lifestyle causes of cancer.  It is her hope that people will finally see the dangers inherent in modern society and begin to reverse the toxicity of this planet.

Megan is also a writer.  More about her work can be found at www.meganvenner.com.

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